Saturday, February 21, 2009

evil girl scouts...

Why do I buy your cookies?
Why do I eat so many of them?
WHY WHY WHY do I let you get in the way of my healthy diet?

And just when I thought my boy toy and I were about to clean out every box I got in a week or less... my dad dropped by two boxes for us today!!!!  AGHHHHH!!!  

I will not tell you how many stupid cookies I've had this week... because I stopped counting... because I am in denial...  

Good news... I did a walk/run today... 3.25 miles.  

Oh, and I'm beating the boy toy in the challenge still... BUT he is really close behind me.  I was super sick last week (complete with a fever of 102) and he spent my days ill catching up.  GRRRRRRR.

Cheers to cookies!
Cheers to twenty five years!

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