Thursday, June 26, 2008

it's sinking in...

reality that is... it's sinking in.

So, I went to visit somebody in the hospital this evening.  It wasn't a traumatic experience or anything.  We were just checking in with my friends' mom after some surgery.  When we were sitting there talking she said, with a smile on her face, that she woke up from her surgery and looked over at her husband and said, "I made it out alive!"  

Wow, I thought.  I should be thinking that too... every day.  With all the unhealthy decisions I make in a day or lack of exercise, I should be glad I make it out alive.   Don't get me wrong... I'm not some sickening unhealthy type.  I do make a lot of smart choices in a day.  But, I make my share of stupid ones too.   ehem, a Taco Bell dinner at 10:30 pm today for example.  ;)

So, I got to thinking about it...

Here I am at the "young" age of 25 and I know all of the things that I need to do to be a healthy young woman.  I have more than enough knowledge to be get to a healthy weight and be physically active.  I have to start utilizing that knowledge and seriously changing myself.  I know that some day I will be the one in a hospital bed.  And I have to know that I tried my hardest to keep the body I've been given in the best shape possible.  

cheers to getting it right!
cheers to twenty five years!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

So, it's summer time and we all know what that means... bathing suit time!!!  I love shopping for bathing suits... wait a minute, no I don't.   I dread it just like a root canal.  (and yes, i've had a root canal, so I know!)  

I just got a new bathing suit in the mail from and it was SO CUTE!!!  ehem, in the bag.  I tried it on and it just wasn't flattering.  So, off it goes... back in the mail... I will be glad when I see the refund hit my bank account.  

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I've spent the last 6 months losing a bunch of weight and exercising my butt off... because I haven't.  I finally got my butt in gear a month ago.  I lost weight three weeks in a row and this week I gained just a tiny bit... seriously, not even a whole pound.  So, I am down 4.9 pounds for the month.  Anyways, enough with numbers.  I just wanna start blogging again... get myself out there and motivated.

I've started going to a Hip Hop Hustle workout class.... it's FUN!  I love dancing again, I feel great after I leave... dripping in sweat.  If I keep all this up, maybe next year I will enjoy putting on  a bathing suit.  ;)

Cheers to you!
And cheers to me and my 25 years!