Friday, December 7, 2007

chick flicks and a big flop

Right now I am painting my kitchen... well, finishing it.  I started it over Thanksgiving break and ended up spending more time pealing wallpaper off the walls then actually painting them... **sigh**  But, I am finally done with student teaching and I turned in my portfolio today.  So, I thought it was time to get the brushes back out.  It's looking really good...

I live alone, so I often put movies on in the background as I do things around the house.  I just got done "listening" to In Her Shoes.  Now I'm on to Bridget Jones' Diary.  LOL  Which reminds me, it's almost that time of year to think of the big New Year's Resolutions!  Luckily, I'm off to a head start and have started some goals ahead of the January 1 crew.  However, my goal (see previous post) has been a big flop.  I started to think about scratching the whole things and moving on... BUT THEN... I just logged in and noticed that I had comments!!!  I was shocked.  It made me realize that there have been people (even if it's just one, whatever) reading my posts.  So, I have to get on the ball.  I mean, that's the whole reason I started doing this blog anyways... to keep my butt in gear... and to get it in shape!

So, tomorrow is going to be workout one of week one.  Which means, I'm going to have to give up chocolate for THREE MONTHS.  ;*(  It can be done... I've given it up for lent before.  But, that still sucks.  I like my chocolate!

Well, there's nothing like a few comments on your blog and a few girl power chick flicks to get you pumped up!  Love it!

Alright, I'm off to the kitchen to get back to painting... and listen to Bridget Jones, of course.


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