Monday, December 3, 2007

three... it's the magic number

So, I am certain that the reason all of my other weight loss attempts have failed are because they were...

1. UN-realistic
2. UN-specific
3. UN-fun

I am determined to make this "cheers to 25 years" challenge just the opposite.  So, my first goal is going to be sweet and simple.  It will be an exercise challenge.  Here are the terms...

30 minutes of cardio exercise
3 days a week for
3 weeks

My reward if I complete this challenge:  new walking shoes!
My punishment if I fail to complete this challenge:  No chocolate for three months!

I think we all seem to get stuck in that rut of setting goals that fall under those THREE categories up there... UN-realistic, UN-specific, and UN-fun.  What are some goals that you have set before that you've met?  Or what are some goals that weren't met?  How can we improve them and make them attainable?  How can we make our fitness and diet goals FUN?

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Mommy Donna said...

No chocolate for 3 months? Doesn't sound fun! I just found this fat-free brownie mix called No Pudge brownie mix. It's mixed with fat-free yogurt. You can make a single serving. Or I indulge with one single Hershey's square. I couldn't live without chocolate.
The funnest way I've recently lost 15 lbs. (over 6 months) is to take up running. I did a Couch to 5K program. I couldn't even run 1/4 mile without gasping for air. Now, I'm up to 4 miles and 15 lbs. lighter. Running drops weight like crazy. A great motivator is to enter a 5K race, say two months from now. Then you'll have to train because you don't want to be last! My blog talks a lot about running if you are interested.