Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Boy Toy Is Movin' In!!!

Yup, that's right.... he broke his lease yesterday and is moving within the next month.  So, that means I have to make room for boy stuff... hmmmmmm.  Thankfully he doesn't have much crap... I am the one who has a house full of STUFF.  

The best part was that his mother already gave him the speech on "you better contribute and help out around the house... Jen can't do it all!"  Seriously, I love this woman.  He's already been caught unloading dishes THREE TIMES THIS WEEK!!!  The best thing is, two of those were pre-mommy-talk.  :)  He also mentioned that when it gets time, he will help with mowing the lawn!  I told him, "awesome... but only if you do it with your shirt off!"  haha  Then we made up this whole scenario about him mowing with his shirt off and me out in the bushes video taping him while making my own soundtrack music.  bow chicka bow woowwwwww.  Ok, have I mentioned that we are dorks?

Today I am doing laundry and I've cleared out a bunch of clothes in my closet that don't fit or I never wear.  He now has room for all of his clothes in my closet.

As far as our workout challenge, I did the first workout today ... a 45 minute walk/jog!  I had to rub it in... So, I sent him a text that said, "I'm workin' out beeeoootch!"  Haha.  He thinks he's going to win... yeah right!

Well, I'm off for more laundry and rearranging of my things... 

Cheers to my new roomie!
Cheers to twenty five years!!

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Missy said...

Here's to working out the 'kinks' before you take the plunge:) It can work to your benefit!