Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bring It On Challenge

No, I am not talking about the cheerleading movie... but, now that I mention it... let me throw out some Bring It On quotes!

~Awesome!  Oh, wow!  Like, totally!  Freak me out!  I mean, right one!  The Toros sure are number one!

~Why does everyone have to go on a diet?  
~Because!  In cheerleading, we throw people in the air.  And fat people don't go as high.

Ok, moving back to topic.  My boy toy and I are starting a workout challenge tomorrow!!!  WOOO HOOOOO!!  Complete with DIY poster and colorful star stickers.  :)  yay!

We are still working out the details.  But, basically we are challenging each other for about three months.  He has a tri to do in April and I have a 5k in April.  So, we are kicking it into high gear.  The rule is that you don't get a sticker for a workout under 30 minutes, and then different color stickers mean different things... there will be cardio stickers and strength training stickers.  We both feel like dorks that we've gotten this detailed, but it's fun.

Soooooo, what are the stakes???  He is saying that we should just do cold hard cash.  Loser pays the winner 50 bucks.  But, I'm wondering if we can get something juicier than that.... hmmmmm...

Cheer me on, folks!!!  I've got to BEAT HIM!!!!

Other notes, (since I've been such a slacker on my blog).

I've told my family that a mountain bike is the only thing on my birthday wish list.  I just want a nice beginner bike.  My birthday is in March... so, just in time for SPRING!  I can't wait.  So, the boy toy is getting me a helmet and maybe some other cool accessories.  :)

Cheers to being the winner of our challenge!!!
Cheers to twenty five years!!!


Carly said...

Brrrrrr....its cold in here....there must be some Toros in the atmosphere!

I am a closet Bring it on Fan.

The challenge sounds like a good idea. Good luck to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your challenge!! Go out there and kick his butt and you'll both benefit.

run4mylife said...

hahaha... Go Toros! I'm a closet fan too! haha

Thanks for the encouragement!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Good luck!
It sounds like fun!