Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm rockin' my weekly goals!

so far, so good on the goals...

I am logging my food every day... if I keep that up, goal will be met.
I have blogged at least twice already... so that goal is met!
I have done two weight sessions... so that goal is met, too!
I have done one day of cardio and plan on doing that each day til Saturday, so that should be met as well.

I knew not having to work all week would get me in the mood for a kick ass week.  yessss!

After I shower in a few moments I'm going to make some white chocolate covered pretzels to bring to my parents' house tomorrow... yum!

Then, I'm going to work on a painting that is way over due for a friend... I shall post a picture of it when I'm done... for fun!

cheers to productive days!
cheers to twenty five years!

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