Saturday, October 25, 2008

Like a Virgin... whoooo

Not an impressive week, period.  Literally, I blame my period.  ha!

I've been lazy and eating about half c-r-a-p.  Just had to say that out in the blog world... so I feel like somebody ... somewhere will read this... and I will feel guilty and get my booty back in gear!!

I ordered the Slow Fat Triathlete book... can't wait for it to arrive!!!!  I also ordered New Moon (Twilight series, book 2)!!  That excites me too!!!  I am almost done with Twilight and it's great!

I am in Chicago this weekend to see Madonna!!!  (hints the title)  I am hangin with my sister and the concert is tomorrow night.  yay!

Well, sorry for the crazy random thoughts kind of post.. but wanted to make sure I'm keeping myself in check...

Cheers to Madonna!
Cheers to good books!
Cheers to twenty five years!

1 comment:

Shosh said...

Get out there and move :-D

How was Madonna?? I am dying to see her. She's got an amazing body and really takes good physical care of herself. OK she's rich so it's easier but still.