Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Watch your step!!!

Alright... I've been wearing a pedometer, pretty much religiously, for a few weeks now.  I have to say it helps me A TON.  I think I hit my personal record on Monday... 14343 steps!  

Normally, I just try to hit 10,000 steps.  As a teacher, I'm up on my feet most of the day.  I usually average between 4,000 and 6,000 after a work day.  And once I go walk/run I hit 10,000 by the end of my day with no problem.  BUT, when I don't walk/run... no way.

So, I had a normal day Monday, walking at school.  THEN, the boy toy and I decided to go play some tennis.  Instead of driving to the park, we walked.  I think it's about a mile and a half to the park.  Then, playing tennis rocked!  We walked a loop around the walking track at the park and then did the walk back to his place.  

During our walk we talked a lot about the tri he did in August and the possibilities of ME being able to do that next August.  I told him that I got so me advice from a fellow blogger and that she thought it was totally do-able.  That advice made me SO excited.  But, I have this negative thought in my head... THE FEAR... THE WORRY... THE DOUBT... that "what if I'm just setting myself up for failure?"  So, we discussed how these mental blocks get in the way of our goals and how to overcome them... it was a great talk.  He broke the race down... "you know the swim might be challenging, but it's first.  And, you have plenty of time to finish.... more than enough time!  Then once we get you on a bike, you'll be surprised how good you can do at that part.  Then it's the run.  All you have to do is finish on your feet.  You can even walk if you have to... you'll be fine."  I agreed with him and after breaking it down like that, I started to think, "holy crap... I am thinking of doing this!"  He explained how great it feels when you cross that finish line and it would be totally bad ass if I did this.  (I'm smiling inside because he believes in me!)  He suggested that I get signed up for a 5K and set my eyes on that for now... then we can work up the bike and swim as I go...  

I will be looking up tri training plans to see the best way to go about all of this... but, I'm sooooo excited (and scared) about this new journey... and part of me fears the coming of winter and how this might create some serious motivation road blocks... but I can't let that happen.  

Ah, and here are the pictures of my dog, Porter...  just for Al

Cheers to starting a new goal!!
Cheers to twenty five years!!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Yay on pics of the pup! I put one up of my Porter as well.

As for the 5K, you can find a lot in different areas on
You should definitely sign up for one. Once you get one down, you'll want to beat your time or increase your distance.

I would love to do a tri, but I don't know how to ride a bike, and I can't afford to join a pool.

Anonymous said...

Porter is way cute!

A tri next summer is totally doable. I am training for my first tri too. I am marathon/half marathoner so this is all new to me. My friend recommended two great books before I totally commited to this idea:

Your First Triathlon and
Slow Fat Triathlete (really inspirational)

A 5K is a great place to one for charity and you'll be giving back too :-)

Marcy said...

Ohhh yeah you SOOOO CAN DO IT!! Go get em girl! Heck you're braver than me. I won't even think about touching a tri LOL.